A Little Bit Of Faith And A Whole Load of Determination: Our Review of ‘The Wedding Plan’

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A Little Bit Of Faith And A Whole Load of Determination: Our Review of ‘The Wedding Plan’

Michal (Noa Koler), who runs a mobile petting zoo from Jerusalem, is tired of being single at 32. She is determined to end her single life and get married.  She is also Jewish Orthodox, who wants to meet a man who will share her faith and her outlook on life.

As Michal moves on with her plan, she involves the services of a matchmaker. Her meeting must have worked, as Michal eventually meets an eligible bachelor and they become engaged. Weeks before the wedding Michal notices all is not right with her fiancé. Demanding honesty from everyone, including herself, Michal confronts her fiancé. Her ‘hunch’ was right; he confesses he does not love her and does not wish to marry her.

Hurt but not defeated, Michal decides to keep her wedding date. She books the hall and gives herself 22 days till the end of Hanukkah to find a groom. With strong faith that God will come to her aid, Michal goes back to the matchmaker to help her find her future husband.

To cover all bases, Michal even flies to Ukraine to visit Rabbi Nachman’s tomb… to pray for guidance and help in her quest. There, she meets the pop-star Yoss. Dreamy looking fella, but we all know nothing is going to happen between these two. After all, this film is a rom-com and like all rom-coms, we know there is more to happen before the ‘heroine gets her man’.

Back in Jerusalem, Michal goes on a series of uncomfortable dates to no avail. At this point, we, the audience are rooting for her. Why? Because she is relentless… perhaps not every gentile woman’s approach to marriage, but Michal is sure of what she wants and goes for it. Her character has been receiving various comparisons to Jane Austen’s Elizabeth Bennet. Being familiar with Austen and her female heroines, I would agree.

Writer-director Rama Burshtein gives us a film that is well balanced. It is laugh out loud funny, sad, and everything in between. She also gives Michal a group of women around her that support her, regardless of whether they agree with her plans. Koler is outstanding as our determined heroine. She embodies Michal’s strengths and weakness without effort.

From a production stand-point, it is a well done film. I particularly like the camera work, especially when it gets us close to Michal. The choice of pop ballads as part of the soundtrack is very interesting. The lyrics actually work in this context.

For most of The Wedding Plan, I found myself surprised by Michal. To be fair, rom-coms are not my favourite type of films. Yet watching the film, I became more interested to see if Michal’s plan would actually work. Towards the end of The Wedding Plan, suspense builds up as we near the wedding day. At this point, you will need to keep watching to find out how it unfolds. The Wedding Plan is an charming film that will certainly entertain.

  • Release Date: 5/12/2017
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