Juggling Act: Our Review of ‘Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact’

Posted in Netflix by - June 14, 2023
Juggling Act: Our Review of ‘Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact’

There are two things in Emergency Contact that one expects from an Amy Schumer comedy special. The first is the reference to Dave Attell, the comedian that she allegedly stole her material from – she probably didn’t. Who cares what alt right trolls think? The second is the vagina stuff, but in fairness that is the backbone of many comedians of the two mainstream genders so why can’t she? Yes, the material she covers isn’t fresh, but depsite that and a few things I may get to, I’m on the fence but at least her approach feels new. Outside of those two topics, she covers her encounters with celebrities. Emergency Contact refers to an emergency situation that ahppened during one of her sets and another topic she covers, her two favourite people – her husband and son.

I’ve been an on and off fan of Schumer since for Comedy Central show, but I haven’t kept tabs with her enough to watch her previous two comedy specials. Comedians, like all performers, have to hit on a few dualities. They have make their comedy intimate yet justify why they booked a whole stadium for their shows. They have to relatable yet specific. And for the most part, she’s competent at this juggling act. She does this thing that most comedians do and talk to a specific audience member. In this set, she talks to Libby, a 27 year old that she’s jealous of because aren’t we all? Schumer can never be 27 again because she’s not as sexual as she was before, and she’s a wife to a man she makes fun of, because comedians do that.

I mostly like this comedy set. I do even if it didn’t cure my depression, which I cured, at least temporarily. Here come the criticisms. Schumer doesn’t necessarily use the stage but in fairness, that’s a young comedian’s game. She compensates for that with the occassional close-up. The camerawork makes me slightly curious about watching her other comedy specials which she also directed. I write this because the closeups here are what I expect from a 30 Rock parody of Laugh In. And now I’ll get to the part of her comedy that atrgets other celebrities and it usually befuddles me when celebrities do this to be relatable. She also makes a Ben Roethlisberger joke which is not what she should do knowing her history. But beyond that, I already wrote in the previous paragraph as to why this set is comeptent enough.

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