Josh Gad talks ‘Central Park: Season 2’

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Josh Gad talks ‘Central Park: Season 2’

Josh Gad is one busy guy but right now nothing is giving him more pride (except for his kids) than his hit musical-animated series, Central Park on Apple TV+.

The musical series comes from the perspective of a fourth wall-aware busker narrator named Birdie (Josh Gad). He tells the story of the Tillerman–Hunter family who live in Edendale Castle in Central Park. The family’s patriarch is Owen (the dorky manager of the park). His wife is Paige (a journalist reluctantly writing fluff pieces and hopes to write a real story). They have a daughter, Molly (loves drawing comics about herself and a boy she has a crush on). And they have a son, Cole (an emotional young boy who loves animals).

The Tillerman-Hunters’ lives change because of an elderly heiress and entrepreneur named Bitsy Brandenham. She and her frequently-abused assistant Helen plot to buy up all the land in Central Park. They want to turn it into more condominiums, shopping stores, and restaurants. And it’s their way of getting back at the world. The Tillermans must  deal with their issues while saving the park.

In season two of Central Park, the Tillerman family continues to navigate living in and caring for the world’s most famous park. Molly experiences the trials and tribulations of adolescence while Cole recovers from a truly embarrassing moment at school. Paige continues to chase down the Mayor’s corruption story. And Owen juggles managing the park, his staff and his family all with a smile on his face. Meanwhile, Bitsy inches ever closer to her sinister goal of claiming Central Park as her own; with Helen by her side, eternally wondering whether she made it into Bitsy’s will. Every step of the way, our friendly, fumbling, fiddler narrator, Birdie, guides us along.

The complete first season of Central Park is now streaming on Apple TV+ and features a renowned voice cast that includes Josh Gad. The cast also includes Leslie Odom Jr., Daveed Diggs, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Kathryn Hahn, Tituss Burgess and Stanley Tucci.

Loren Bouchard, Josh Gad and Nora Smith serves as the show’s creators, writers and executive producers. The first three episodes of the second season will debut globally Friday, June 25 on Apple TV+. Meanwhile, the remaining five episodes premiering on a weekly basis every Friday. The second half of season two will return later this year with additional episodes. Apple TV+ already renewed the show for a third season.

The Television Academy has recognized the series with an Emmy Award nomination for star Leslie Odom Jr. It also got an NAACP Image Awards nomination in the Outstanding Animated Series category.

Sanjay Shah, Halsted Sullivan, Janelle Momary-Neely, Jon Liebman, Marc Gurvitz and Robin Schwartz also executive produce.

Our Bonnie Laufer spoke with Josh Gad about the success of the show. They also discussed turning out hundreds of new songs for the series and his dream Broadway roles.

  • Release Date: 6/25/2021
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