Inside Out 2021: Our Review of ‘Walk With Me (2021)’

Posted in Festival Coverage, Inside Out 2021, Movies by - May 26, 2021
Inside Out 2021: Our Review of ‘Walk With Me (2021)’

Amber Evans (Devin Dunne Cannon) is a New Yorker married and had a daughter when she was young. To some, that’s enough reason to, on what seems like a whim, pack up her things and start a new life without having to leave the city. In doing so, she meets a realtor and singer, Logan Pierce (Bridget Barkan). They eventually turn into the kind of friends people text while they’re at work. And Amber is luck enough for a boss not to care. Anyway, they eventually start going to bars together and doing that always leads them being more romantic.

As a reminder, Amber Evans is a white woman over 21 in New York and she can do whatever she wants. Theoretically, she can have a relationship with a woman and introduce that woman as her girlfriend. But that seems like a hurdle for her even in the year of our lord 2021. Amber’s feelings of both love and shame towards Logan leads to them having the kind of kitchen sink arguments. Viewers normally see these in these dramas, regardless of sexuality. Although it’s weird that Logan hasn’t prepared herself in case she falls in love with such a closet case.

Walk With Me does seem like one of those cliche ridden films that will make it fade away from the rest of this festival’s lineups. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s long and the cinematography can remind viewers of Drag Race Season 1. But there are some saving graces here. It eventually lets us understand Amber’s hesitations towards her coming out. And the film does it through her intrusive bourgeois mom who thinks all of this is a phase and she’ll find a man. But thankfully, the film doesn’t villainize her, Amber’s ex husband, or anyone else in this rough diamond.

  • Release Date: 5/27/2021
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