Inside Out 2019: Our Review of ‘Second Star on the Right’

Posted in Festival Coverage, Inside Out 2019, Movies by - May 31, 2019
Inside Out 2019: Our Review of ‘Second Star on the Right’

Second Star on the Right tells the story of one bisexual woman, Emilia (Silvia Varón) and her three best friends. They’ve known each other when they were young, but now that in their thirties their differences can’t be more obvious. Her sexuality and her financial instability as an actress in just one of the things that are quickly separating them.

This is, ostensibly, a comedy about the here and now and a character who needs to grow up in order to survive. It’s easier to say that and to do it though, and Varón’s performance effectively shows that difficult process. We can say the same for director and writer Ruth Caudeli, who competently paces most of the movie’s plot revelations.

There are some flaws here, like the way it depicts Emilia’s relationship with Mariana (Diana Wiswell), a successful freelance photographer. I agree that people make time for each other if they decide that the other person in the relationship is worthy. But the movie expects us to sympathize with Mariana’s demands and not with Emilia’s financial, and therefore, time constraints.

There are also the film’s visual choices which, at first, starts out with video footage. The rest of the film is in black and white, with the occasional scenes in color to depict a party. The transitions between formats and colors are still smoother than they are in other films. The structure binding them, however, does not feel solid enough.

But despite those few nitpicks, Varón and Caudeli still bring a story that most people my age can relate to. Oh, and there’s a format change that Caudeli uses here that is not so bad, like the occasional musical number. The last one especially, which involve Emilia and her friends, is a song I will be remembering for days.

  • Release Date: 5/27/2019
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