‘Higher’ Love: Our Review of ‘Love is Blind, Season 6, Episodes 1-5’

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‘Higher’ Love: Our Review of ‘Love is Blind, Season 6, Episodes 1-5’

I am lazy so this is how this series of reviews of Love is Blind is going to work. This first piece normally covers the first 6 episodes. But I missed the deadline and I still haven’t seen episode 6 yet. So this piece covers episode 1-5. Episode 6 will carry over to the next piece and then there’s two more of these. The show, for us neophytes, separates its 30 contestants by gender. They only ‘meet’ in pods where they hear but not see each other. The show highlights five love arrangements and thus plotlines, all varying in degrees of ‘interesting’. Two stand out to me, the first is a love square, which I’ll get to later, and the second involves a ‘client partner’ and a principal.

The first pairing is Brittany and Kenneth, who ‘got’ each other. Whether that stays true is up in the air because, as hosts Love is Blind‘s Nick and Vanessa Lachey say, things like race may tear couples apart in the real world. That’s real talk coming from a biracial couple, one of them being part of a high profile romance. Race doesn’t matter for Brittany who says that Kenneth “identifies as Black”. I get what she’s trying to say here, and besides, I’m the kind of person who benefits from corporate sounding language. Still, her flavour of political correctness does hint that some uncle is gonna try to tear this couple apart.

Another thing of note is that Kenneth also doesn’t have the typical body type we see in reality tv shows. I can say the same with some of the contestants in Love is Blind, especially one member of the show’s love square. This love square, by the way, involves Chelsea, Jessica, Jimmy, and Trevor, and Chelsea’s size may not be the only problem here. While describing her looks, she tells Jimmy that people mistake her for, in her words, “MGK’s girlfriend”. I mean, she does look like Megan Fox in the right light, good luck making that stick though. I would also like to say that Western society failed since someone out there is referring to genius comedienne Megan Fox as someone’s girlfriend.

These four people have some nuance to them, especially as Jimmy and Trevor reveal their insecurities to these women. Jessica worries that she’s too much for Jimmy, words that will haunt their chances of ending up together. A banal conversation between Jessica and Jimmy takes a turn where she tells him that she doesn’t like that he’s thinking of either her and another woman. This leads her to ask him to choose, which only leads him to propose to Chelsea. Jimmy’s still making Freudian slips, referring to Chelsea as Jessica. And he does point out that she looks nothing like Megan Fox. Justice for Trevor.

This couple, Brittany and Kenneth, and three more head to the Dominican. I’ll briefly talk about the three other couples. Amy and Johnny may be my favourite couple because she likes Ghibli films, and I’m revealing my prejudices for thinking no one in shows like this likes kino. AD follows her Pavlovian instincts by choosing Clay instead of choosing Matthew, who makes me wish I was a psych major.  Jeramey and Laura – Jeramey is corny and cute but his name is really dumb. He also chooses her over Sarah arbitrarily which is an appropriate word to describe this couple. Anyway, will these couples’ resort vacations keep them together and tear them apart? Remind me to write about it next week.

Stream the first six episodes of the sixth season of Love is Blind on Netflix.


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