Fede Álvarez gives us the 411 on his new series, ‘Calls’

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Fede Álvarez gives us the 411 on his new series, ‘Calls’

In the mood for some bone-chilling streaming audio theatre? We’ve got just what you need.

New on Apple TV+, the complete first season of Calls from director and writer Fede Álvarez. It premieres with nine genre-bending short-form stories.

Calls is a groundbreaking, immersive television experience based on the buzzy French series of the same name. It masterfully uses audio and minimal abstract visuals to tell nine bone-chilling, short-form stories. Directed by Álvarez, each episode follows a darkly dramatic mystery. These mysteries unfold through a series of seemingly average, unconnected phone conversations. But these conversations quickly become surreal as the characters find their lives into growing disarray.

Calls features a stellar cast that includes, Stephen Lang and Lily Collins. It also stars Rosario Dawson,  Joey King, Pedro Pascal, Aubrey Plaza, and many more. It proves that the real terror lies in one’s interpretation of what they cannot see on the screen. One’s imagination can take them to unsettling places. 

Writer/Director Fede Álvarez has created some of the most grisly and frightening sights in his career. He gave us those in films like Don’t Breathe and the Evil Dead remake. Now he’s aiming to frighten you with sound with, Calls.

The complete first season premieres Friday, March 19, 2021 on Apple TV+.

Our Bonnie Laufer spoke with writer director Fede Álvarez. They duscuss the creation of this series which really forces the viewer to use their imagination.

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