Exploring ‘The Five Devils’ With Director Léa Mysius

Posted in Interviews, Movies, Mubi, Theatrical, What's Streaming? by - March 24, 2023
Exploring ‘The Five Devils’ With Director Léa Mysius

There’s nothing that gets us more amped then talking about fantastic new directorial talent….

On this episode we are excited beyond belief to get to dive into the new film from MUBI that is getting a week theatrical run over at the TIFF Bell Lightbox starting today. It’s time for ‘The Five Devils’.

Vicky (Sally Dramé), a strange and solitary little girl, has a magical gift: she can reproduce any scent she likes, and collects them in a series of carefully labelled jars. She has secretly captured the scent of Joanne (Adèle Exarchopoulos), her mother for whom she nurtures a wild, excessive love. When her father’s sister Julia (Swala Emati) bursts into their life, Vicky reproduces her smell and is transported into dark and archaic memories which lead her to uncover the secrets of her village, her family and her own existence.

While it’ll be streaming on the MUBI service in May….this is a film (shot in 35mm) that demands to be seen on the big screen. With the assistance of a translator we had the pleasure of sitting down with Léa Mysius to talk about the origins of the story, the nature of telling very personal and emotional stories inside a genre framework, how shooting on 35mm make it all more tactile and so very much more.

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