Hot Docs 2022: Our Review of ‘In the Eye of the Storm: The Political Odyssey of Yanis Varoufakis’

Hot Docs 2022: Our Review of ‘In the Eye of the Storm: The Political Odyssey of Yanis Varoufakis’

I don’t understand a lot of economics but find politics very interesting. As such, it intrigued me to have a chance to take a look at In the Eye of the Storm: The Political Odyssey of Yanis Varoufakis. It delivers a deeper and personal examination of the Greek financial situation in 2015.

Plagued by an international debt they couldn’t pay back, the bankrupt country found a possible hero in an economics professor turned Finance Minister. His forward-thinking ideas made him the villain of the IMF. He’s a perceived threat to the ongoing nature of capitalist society and its takeover of democracy.

The six-episode series combines candid interviews with scores of people. This includes personal and upfront dialogues with Varoufakis, as well as news footage. It delivers an in-depth dive into the events as seen from his perspective. Varoufakis was vilified in the media via fake news created by those looking to discredit him. Meanwhile, he worked to save his country from an impossible situation.

Varoufakis is erudite and has kept a sense of humor through it all and is now more than willing to guide viewers through events in a new way. The media groups, banks, and more that sought to ruin him in the eyes of the world don’t fetter him.

Speaking directly to the camera, and by extension the viewer, Varoufakis recounts his initial joys about getting an offer to join the Prime Minister’s cabinet. He also recounts the change and tainting of that work by the way events unfurled. And what that means for the future not only of Greece but perhaps other countries.

In the Eye of the Storm  is a crisply told cautionary tale, enlightening as much as frightening. It is an important document and delivers a shocking look at the economic and political world.

  • Release Date: 4/30/2022
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