Earned Emotional Outpour….: Our Review of ‘When Time Got Louder’

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Earned Emotional Outpour….: Our Review of ‘When Time Got Louder’

There are movies that are heavily emotional that manipulate their audience into feeling for the characters and tug on their heartstrings with creative ploys. And then there are movies that just play out the way that they should to and are completely devastating because they refuse to hold back the realities of life. Thankfully, Connie Cocchia’s When Time Got Louder is the latter. Because of that, the roller coaster of emotions are not only valid, but it also earns its emotions.

The movie focuses on the Peterson family. It consists of Abbie (Willow Shields), Kayden (Jonathan Simao) and parents Tish and Mark (Elizabeth Mitchell and Lochlyn Munro). When Abbie graduates high school and moves away to college, it is a turbulent ride for her brother Kayden. Kayden has non verbal autism as his entire world centred around Abbie. She tries to carefully balance her new life and availability for her brother.

Abbie then finds herself feeling guilty that she is ultimately not around for her brother anymore. She’s trying to live her life like any teenager should. Tish and Mark decide to bring up the idea of bringing Kayden to a group home, an idea that Abbie objects to. So Mark against Tish’s wishes, tries to get Kayden more integrated with doing day to day tasks on his own. One day things take a turn for the worst. And not only are Mark and Tish playing themselves for putting their child in harms way, Abbie is devastated that she let her brother down.

When Time Got Louder boasts a powerful story of connection, family, and making the hard choices. Complementing that story are incredible performances from Willow Shields and Jonathan Simao. Both of these actors deliver such heartfelt performances which left the audience with a plethora of emotions throughout. Their performances truly are what make the film, as anything less heartfelt or emotionally driven from both of these actors would have come off as disingenuous and rather offensive. However, with their strong performances and realism from the script about scenarios exactly like the one that Abbie is facing is truly what brings the film home and captures the audience in such a touching way.

*Author note – My brother is exactly like Kayden, except he never adapted to the way Kayden learned to speak. Growing up I was Abbie. I don’t want to getting into a lot of details, nor spoiling the movie. Regardless, I felt like I was my brothers voice and protector especially when my parent’s couldn’t be. There were instances where I would prioritize my brother’s wishes and very well my own safety. I did what I could to make sure that he was okay. When Time Got Louder definitely hit an emotional chord with me. And as such the performances resonated with me on a very familiar level.

  • Release Date: 3/31/2023
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