CUFF Docs 2020: Our Review of ‘Lovemobil’

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CUFF Docs 2020: Our Review of ‘Lovemobil’

Lovemobil is an emotionally bleak documentary originating from Germany that you won’t want to miss.

This heartbreaking story touches on how in the rural darker parts of Germany when nightfall comes so do old caravans with flashy lights. They transport prostitutes from Eastern Europe and Africa to clients passing by who pick them up. One tragic day in this eerie atmosphere; a murder takes place that shocks the whole community into taking action.

The subjects in the documentary look at those who do this for a living. Each one of these young women describes their many harsh experiences with the numerous clients they see in a day. Most of them have tragic pasts who have found themselves in Germany in hopes for a better life.

Lovemobil really focuses on one subject in particular; her name is Milena who happened to be friends with the person who is tragically murdered and it makes for a particularly compelling line through the film.

How the film also focuses on the other side of the equation and we get a sad and tragic tale of one of the owners and operators of the caravan and how they got involved in this unfortunate business.

Director and producer Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss does a stunning job of making you feel sentimental towards the people who are forced into this line of work and is fantastic at displaying just how inhuman this unfortunate business can truly be. We get the sense of the truly uncomfortable and haunting work environment that these people have to live in with each shot Lehrenkrauss paints on the screen.

To put it simply; Lovemobil is a chilling directorial debut that you can’t look away from as its excellent craftsmanship and care for it’s subjects will stick with you long after your first viewing.

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