CUFF 2021: Our Review of ‘Fearless’

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CUFF 2021: Our Review of ‘Fearless’

 Fearless is a small, competently made observational documentary. It dives into the many difficulties facing people of color and immigrants currently living in the United States.

In Texas, there’s a small non for profit boxing gym. In that gym, people have an extremely supportive and educational place to improve their skills.

Director Wojciech Lorenz takes a different, more grounded approach to constructing the documentary. Instead of doing tons of the one on one interviews throughout as usually seen, he has the events play out more naturally with slight narration over top of it. Making it stand out more from the dozens of other ones out there.

The main subjects given the most attention are Nancy Wagoner and James Reyna, being both the founders of the gym and operators of it. We get to see their daily lives of running the gym and learn how it was started in the first place. It is a place where teens could learn how to defend themselves and find a passion for the sport.

Most of the film’s heart comes from many of the different people currently attending the gym. Some of them are young little kids with a massive love for the sport who want to grow up to be champions. Also, there are teenagers with busy jobs who can’t afford the gym. But they are usually allowed to train anyway because of their massive passion and eventual potential in being boxers.

The school aged students who attend the gym talk a lot about how good of an impact boxing has had on their lives. Boxing gives them a lot of confidence that they never had before, helping to stop the bullying they experience.

If you are a major fan of boxing then this a documentary that you should definitely seek out.

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