Country Nightmare….: Our Review of ‘A Cowgirl’s Song’

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Country Nightmare….: Our Review of ‘A Cowgirl’s Song’

There are so many genres and subgenres of movies and to be a fan of them all is quiet impossible as there is so much content out there. Seeing everything and everything packed into all the different genres isn’t possible and then you have to pick and choose. However, there are also genres that are not for people. And sometimes we are presented with a film that lends itself so heavily into that genre. So it poses an issue if one is not a fan. That is where we are with A Cowgirl’s Song which seems to be part of a trilogy of movies? Either way, this Hallmark Channel esque film is exactly that. It’s a schlocky coming of age story with a backdrop of southern charm and country music. It might be for some people, but it is certainly not my cup of tea.

The film focuses on sisters, Hailey and Brooke played by Savannah Lee May and Darci Lynne respectfully as they go live with their grandmother Erin (Cheryl Ladd) whose a former country star. As the story progresses we find out early on that their father is currently incarcerated. He’s in prison for a crime that he did not commit. And they try to convince their grandmother to come out of retirement. Together, they can raise money for their dad and while doing so, overcome their own personal challenges.

Aside from the rather Hallmark-esque plot, the performances really drill home the fact that this feels like a made for TV movie. The performances are so acting school first year caliber. Specifically, the acting is just below the level of wanting to peak through your hands. It’s hard trying to watch them try to navigate situations and character arcs. However, between Darci and Savannah they are early enough in their careers. They can turn things around with some more development into their characters and performances to break free of that first few missteps proven by A Cowgirl’s Song.

One of the few things that A Cowgirl’s Song has going for it is between Savannah Lee May, Darci Lynne and Cheryl Ladd is that they can actually sing. I’m not a country fan, by any standard. But having people who can actually hold a tune and a melody is one of the few positive moments in the film. There is not much going for A Cowgirl’s Song unless Hallmark-y movies are your jam. And if you like country music this movie would hit that sweet spot for the target audience.

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