Cinefranco 2021: Our Review of ‘Effacer L’Historique (Delete History)’

Posted in Cinefranco 2021, Festival Coverage by - October 25, 2021
Cinefranco 2021: Our Review of ‘Effacer L’Historique (Delete History)’

Stupidity has always been around. But people in real life, as well as characters on movies, are starting to blame the internet for everything now. It would be mean to call the three protagonists in Effacer L’Historique (Delete History) dumb so I can say that about how the movie writes its characters. The first is Marie (Blanche Gardin), who makes me forget that I have my own shortcomings. There are some things that aren’t her fault though. One of her hookups (Vincent Lacoste) recorded their time together and is telling her that he’ll post the video. That’s unless she gives him some money. The second, who is more of a supporting character, is Christine (Corrine Masiero), who is inexplicably getting too many one star reviews as a rideshare driver. Lastly, there’s Bertrand (Denis Podalydes), who basically is trying to get a bullying video out of Facebook if not for distractions.

We’ve known over the years that addictions are a real thing and that the Internet, available on everyone’s phones, are making those things worse. Christine has an addiction to TV. Bertrand distraction from getting her daughter’s bullying video out of Facebook is, um, receiving calls from telemarketers. But the film doesn’t address those issues properly. If anything, this is a movie that hates its characters. It prompts viewers to yell at them about their lack of self control, which is more complicated than what this movie makes it look like. And Marie rounds up Bertrand and Christine to help delete her sex tape from a cloud in San Francisco. She should just charge the Sextaper for revenge porn. Sure it’s France but they’ve got to have some laws there. The film, lastly, spends an hour building up those issues instead of them doing anything about it.

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  • Release Date: 10/26/2021
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