Canadian Film Fest 2020 (On Super Channel): Our Review of ‘A Perfect Plan’

 “This won’t end the way you think it will, not if we don’t work together.”

 A Perfect Plan tells the story of four thieves who awaken to find themselves in a fortified warehouse. Held in captivity by a cutthroat crime boss (Carlo Rota), they will have to put aside their differences. They’ll work together in order to save their lives by planning and executing an extraordinary diamond heist.

First-time helmer Jesse Inkman directs this film. A Perfect Plan, then, admittedly feels a little like a mash-up between generic heist movies and the Saw franchise. This unfortunately makes the film feel a little more familiar than it should. However, this has engaging performances by a solid cast of relative newcomers (led by Chicago Med’s Katherine Munroe). They keep the film moving with a fun bounce, especially as the heist begins to pick up steam. Balancing out the newcomers are veterans William Forsythe and Rota, who are clearly enjoying themselves with every devious snarl. (Is it possible that Forsythe mastered the mumble-growl long before Vin Diesel?)

We’ve seen the ‘rag-tag band thrown together that must overcome differences’ storyline before. Each character fulfills their specialized ‘roles’ (Forsythe even points out which characters represent the ‘brains’, ‘muscle’, etc.). However, what sets Perfect Plan apart is in the character backstories. Their common ground lies in their history of brokenness. Each member of the ‘team’ is wrestling with a past that includes some form of devastating guilt. As a result, they carry a heavy burden. The necessity of ‘coming together’ symbolizes a willingness to accept their past. And, hopefully, build a new future for themselves as well.

It’s less perfect than the title suggests. But an entertaining cast of characters help make A Perfect Plan enjoyable enough to crack open.

A Perfect Plan premieres at the Canadian Film Fest on May 23rd, 2020.

  • Release Date: 5/23/2020
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