Breathtaking Fantasy: Our Review of ‘Daughter Of The Sun’ at CFF 2024

Posted in Movies by - March 22, 2024
Breathtaking Fantasy: Our Review of ‘Daughter Of The Sun’ at CFF 2024

Some of the best movies defy being pigeonholed. Those types of movies attracted wider audiences because they provide a little something for everyone. Writer, Director and lead actor Ryan Ward’s latest film Daughter of the Sun does just that. It leaves audiences with questions as to what they just saw, but not in a way that leaves them angry or upset. Instead it creates conversation around seeing the world in a different light.

Daughter of the Sun follows the story of Sonny, a man with Tourette’s Syndrome (Ryan Ward). He has a 12 year old daughter, Hildie (Nyah Perkin). The duo are on the run, but Hildie tires of moving from town to town and constantly changing schools. She wants a normal life, but her father is afraid of what will happen if they find it. It an attempt to change things, Hildie becomes friends with a group of outcasts. These outcasts, unfortunately, want to control the supernatural powers her father has been hiding.

Ryan Ward’s film feels like something out of the 70s. The way Daughter of the Sun is shot gives it a vintage feel, yet there is something dreamlike about it as well. For some, the narration may be a distraction, but it really adds to the overall flow of the film. Perhaps the best part of the movie is the acting by the stars. Their chemistry together make their father and daughter story feel real, and it makes you believe that they really love one another.

At it’s heart Daughter of the Sun is a father and daughter story, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a fantasy that asks us to look deeper, and not judge the world we live in by what we see on the surface.

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