BITS 2021: Our Review Of ‘The Family’

Posted in Blood In The Snow 2021, Festival Coverage, Movies by - November 18, 2021
BITS 2021: Our Review Of ‘The Family’

Don’t be surprised if the plot of The Family sounds familiar, especially if you are a fan of film and this particular genre. It follows the story of a secretive family on a farm in the middle of nowhere who worship a punishing creator. They stay within the confines of the farm, doing hard labor and not daring to risk the wrath of their deity by exploring outside their boundaries. Things aren’t quite what they seem however, and eventually the children of the family start to push back against the oppressive heads of the family.

The Family is a slow burn of a film. It takes time for things to build to their head, and once they do, it spirals quickly downwards. It’s a small cast that work extremely well together. And it’s their chemistry that make the film frightening because they draw you into their world easily and quickly. Nigel Bennett, a veteran of Canadian film, stage and TV for well over 40 years takes the lead as the patriarch of the group. It’s not just him however whose performance deserves commendations, as each member of the cast shines.

As good as the cast is though, the problem with The Family lies in the plot itself. The twist that comes, and you know it’s coming from the very start, won’t surprise anyone. While the main storyline is different that the earlier mentioned film it is similar to, the twist is not. That means when it happens you find yourself unsatisfied with it and wishing it was different.

While The Family showcases great acting, with great cinematography and it builds suspense up nicely, the ultimate payoff is disappointing. It’s the type of movie you might find interesting for a little while, until you catch on to what’s coming.

  • Release Date: 11/18/2021
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