A Movie In Three Acts: Our Review of ‘Till Death’

A Movie In Three Acts: Our Review of ‘Till Death’

Some films don’t really try to hide what they are about when really they should. On one hand we can say something about keeping a plot under wraps. Yet on the other hand, filmmakers may not have enough footage to make a trailer compelling enough to draw in an audience. That’s the case with the new Megan Fox thriller Till Death.

Till Death follows the story of Emma (Megan Fox) and Mark (Eoin Macken), an unhappily married couple celebrating their anniversary. As part of the celebration, Mark decides to surprise Emma. He takes her out to their isolated lake house for an evening she won’t forget. When she awakes the next morning Emma finds herself shackled to her dead husband. And she’s running for her life from two killers searching for a hidden treasure in the house.

Till Death is a movie told in three distinct acts. The first is the build-up, where it shows you time and time again how unhappy Emma and Mark are. While most films don’t want to just jump right into their story, this one needed to cut down the build-up and get to it. If the trailer hadn’t shown what comes next (or even the film’s official description on IMDB) the build-up wouldn’t have been too bad. But as it is, you know what’s coming, and the 24 minutes it takes to get there is a bit excruciating.

The second act is a bit more entertaining and interesting, as it involves Emma dragging her husband’s corpse around the house as she tries to find a way to break free of the shackles. The third act is the main crux of the movie. This is where Emma has to ward off the two seemingly invincible killers as they try to find the treasure they think is theirs. While some people may find this a bit ridiculous and over the top, it manages to keep you entertained. Megan Fox may not play the most likable character in the history of thrillers. But you do want to find out how she manages to survive. If she manages.

No matter how over the top they are, there are some films, such as the entire Fast & Furious series, that can be watched time and time again.  Till Death isn’t one of them. It’s amusing to watch once, but you really won’t get anything out of it with repeated viewings. The acting and plot is passable, and there are moments you will enjoy. But after the credits roll it’s not one you’ll remember much about.

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