Visions of Justice: Hunting Hoods – Recap of Arrow S03 E18

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Just as the title suggests, this week’s Arrow is a city-wide manhunt for the green-hooded vigilante, pumped with enough excitement for everyone. The episode, “Public Enemy”, jumps back into the action from last week – when Maseo has Felicity within his cross-hair, after having killed the Starling City Mayor. Stunned by the first casualty, Captain Lance, and Laurel duck for cover as arrows pierce through the windows. In the heat of action, Ray Palmer shields Felicity from certain death-by-arrow, taking a clean shot to the chest.

All of this chaos, is the orchestrated plan of Ra’s Al Ghul, who has set things in motion to have the city turn against Oliver Queen. In “Public Enemy”, it is certainly conveyed that Captain Lance, still dealing with the torment of Sara’s death, will stop at nothing to put the Arrow behind bars – especially now that he believes the Arrow is behind the recent killings.

Ray is admitted to the Starling City hospital in critical condition, with Felicity by his side. When the lead doctor tells Ray that his injuries have caused a clot in his brain which could leave him brain damaged or dead, Ray resorts to using his nano-tech to eradicate the clot. Due to medical and legal ramifications, the doctor both refuses to assist Ray with his farfetched theory, and allow anyone from trying. Felicity is surprised, when her mother (Donna Smoak) barges into Ray’s hospital room after hearing of his injury.

Picking up where they left off seasons ago, Roy and Thea are warming up to each other again. The two speak of eloping together while nestled in each other’s arms, after an implied night of make-up sex. This is another one of those scenes that deters from building Roy and Thea as steady main characters, reminding us that they are like two hot-headed teenagers without previous stakes in the series. Love-making must be intensified with the television still on, because the two are forced out of bed when a news bulletin about the Arrow catches their attention.

With the a special task force, led by Lance, set to hunt him down, Oliver seeks the help of excommunicated Nyssa Al Ghul. Nyssa, still loyal to her father, refuses to help Oliver herself, however, points him in the direction of a secret hideout that her father’s organization uses in Starling. At the hideout, Oliver confronts his old friend-turned-enemy, Maseo, and a few league assassins – including Ra’s Al Ghul himself. Ra’s reminds Oliver of the consequences for rejecting his offer, as the task force chase Arrow, Arsenal, Black Canary, and Diggle. The chase itself was reminiscent of the manhunt sequence from Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises, although not on equal scale. There is a certain appreciation for idea of two sides of justice at odds with each other. Admittedly, the “coolness factor” of the vigilantes in both works is worth the debate of which side of justice has the right perspective.

Once safely back in the Arrow hideout, Oliver calls Lance to plea for logic – only to be met with Lance’s stern promise that he will capture the Arrow. In an effort to escalate tensions between Lance and the Arrow gang, Ra’s abducts Lance with only one motive – to reveal the Arrow’s true identity as Oliver Queen. With his new knowledge, Lance sets his task force on the hunt for Oliver while making a publicly broadcast announcement to Starling City, that Oliver Queen is the vigilante.

Convinced by her mother, Felicity risks being arrested by agreeing to use Ray’s nano-tech to try and save his life. Luckily, the risk pays off and Ray makes a miraculous recovery that baffles the hospital doctor. In recovery, Felicity and Ray share a few words right before Ray catches her off guard with his confession of love for her. Shocked, Felicity excuses herself, and confides in her mother who helps her realize she’s still in love with Oliver. With nowhere to run to, Oliver hides out at Diggle’s home, where the rest of the gang then meets him. Knowing that he cannot outrun the police, or even Ra’s, Oliver turns himself over to the police in an effort to spare Roy, Diggle, Laurel, Thea and Felicity from being caught and charged by the police.

While in custody, Lance and Oliver put their cards on the table and level with each other. Lance, unable to contain his anger deals several low-blow comments to Oliver about his role in the deaths of his own mother, and Sara. Lance continues to blame Oliver for every crisis that has befallen the city, and all the lives that have been lost or ruined – and going as far to call Oliver a villain. Just when it seems like the end for Oliver, the police van is halted by Roy, dressed as the Arrow. Roy unmasks himself before a pool of Starling City police and announces himself as the real Arrow, making the ultimate sacrifice to save Oliver from being prosecuted. And to think, just a week ago, Oliver leaves an incapacitated Roy at the scene of the fight between A.T.O.M and Arrow. Maybe going forward, Roy will get the respect he deserves, from both Oliver and the show’s writers and producers!

Flashback Scenes:
In this week’s flashback scenes, Oliver is on the run with Akio when he unexpectedly runs into Shado’s twin sister, May. After she agrees to help them escape their pursuers, May uncovers the truth about Oliver’s relation to her sister and her father. In fear that he may harm her, May calls the police which alerts Amanda Waller of Oliver’s location. After a near death shoot-out, Oliver is rescued by Maseo, and his wife Tatsu, who are finally reunited with their son, Akio. Once Waller’s henchmen are disposed of, Oliver gives May the closure she’s been waiting three years for, by telling her about the deaths of her father and sister, Shado.

Next week’s episode is titled “Broken Arrow”, which will feature another meta-human villain that will take the likes of the Arrow and A.T.O.M to vanquish.

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