Top Five Of 2018… So Far

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Top Five Of 2018… So Far

When the call was thrown out by our editor-in-chief who asked if anyone wanted to do a best of the best of 2018 so far I threw up my hand so high that it was a little shameful. Hours went on and suddenly I felt further shame as I started to amass a list and felt as if I must have missed some great gems because what I’m about to nominate I feel can’t be all there is. None-the-less here I am about to present for your discussion my picks for the best titles of 2018 that I’ve seen so far… Here we go.

5. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (dir. Anthony & Joe Russo)

We’re already a decade into the MCU and more than the normal amount of people are already feeling the fatigue. I however, still am enticed to see super powers rule the big screen. With Thanos finally coming out of the shadows and taking up the gauntlet and taking the fight all of our favourite quippy heroes it was everything I could’ve wished for.

Is it overblown? Yes. Is it overlong? Yes. Is it filled to the brim with action and fun gotcha scenes with our heroes and villains doing new and cool things? Super YES! So I’m pleased.

4. TULLY (dir. Jason Reitman)

I feel as though most people have soured on Reitman in recent years, with good reasons. Here he returns with Diablo Cody writing and it pays off well. It’s a film that I prefer to view as a horror film where we are just there to watch as Charlize Theron’s body and mental state go down to new lows as she just can’t manage this new child. So much of the film feels as though nobody matters other than Theron’s character’s bruised emotions going through this time in life. Then Tully appears and everything is great, but at the same time never feels right. It’s too good to be true.

The film plays wonderfully and while the ending wasn’t what I was planning for I still enjoyed the film’s ability to take me where it wanted me to go.

3. A QUIET PLACE (dir. John Krasinski)

A film that if I had to describe in a sentence is one that starts with a hush and ends with a bang. The film’s tension and sound works well to play into it’s monster movie horror genre so well that I expect us to throw it and the ’82 The Thing anytime now. It has the failures of the genre but it highlights and works so well in all the genre’s strengths that it endears itself to us.

2. ANNIHILATION (dir. Alex Garland)

The most cerebral horror science fiction film of the year so far and I still can’t get it out of my head. In ways it feels like a lot of other films where it ends with a question and you get what you think out of it. In other ways it’s a film where so much oddities happen that makes you constantly want to be peeking around the corner for more and more fun and frights. I won’t be looking and bears the same anymore.

1.  INCREDIBLES 2 (dir. Brad Bird)

Probably the most highly anticipated film of the year that we didn’t know we were ever going to actually get. Brad Bird returns to Pixar to make the sequel to his 2004 film that had us loving supers and just wanting them to be themselves. The film continues living in between the line of being about being the super hero at home and the big name in the public eye. Elastagirl wins the award for best action sequence of the year.


PHANTOM THREAD (dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)

Still upset this came out in 2018 January and I didn’t get to put it on my 2017 list. So leaving it here for my editor to cut it. (EDITOR’S NOTE: I would never!, all hail the Phantom Thread)

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