TIFF 2020: Our Review of ‘Get the Hell Out’

TIFF 2020: Our Review of ‘Get the Hell Out’

Every year at TIFF, there’s at least one of these gonzo art, crazy banana pants, throw every visual idea at the wall and hope at least one sticks, kind of gross, genre exercises, that seem to take the Midnight Madness category by storm.

Last year it was Matthew Rankin’s The Twentieth Century. Hell, comb through programs all the way back to 2001 when Ichi the Killer handed out promotional barf bags and you’ll probably find at least one of these films every year. This year’s version is almost certainly Wang I Fan’s zombie survival political satire Get the Hell Out. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Listen: I have a very limited amount of space to write this review, and I would need three times the space I do have it just to give a brief plot synopsis.

Do you like blood and gore? You should probably see Get the Hell Out, which prominently features geysers of it as political candidate Hsing (Megan Li) and security guard Wang (Bruce Hung) attempt to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Don’t like blood? This will almost certainly not be your cup of tea, even if Wang’s film is extremely cheeky in regards to its prominent display of the spurting and spluttering fluid. The same goes for the film’s innumerable attempts at visual format changes, although these are a little less cheeky and a little more irritating. Care for a Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure reference partway through the film? Well, you’d better.

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