TIFF 2018: Highlights from ‘Short Cuts 3’

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TIFF 2018: Highlights from ‘Short Cuts 3’

TIFF advertised the seven shorts in Short Cuts Program 3 as ones dealing with less or the threat of loss. There’s also some elements that shape how the characters deal with the changes in their volatile lives. I’ll talk about four of the seven shorts that are actually worth writing about.


Dir. Nara Normande

I can only say yes to Normande’s use of mixed media on here. She uses sand and and other materials to bring back the titular beach where she grew up. Everything is fleeting, the sand, memory, her childhood friendships and she lets her audiences savor them.

Norman Norman

Dir. Sophy Romvari

Full disclosure, I know Romvari. Her interpretation of the immigrant experience in her previous short Nine Behind was affecting. Which made me wonder why she’s making a movie about a dog (Norman). But there’s texture and perspective that I previously thought was impossible to show.

Facing North

Dir. Tukei Muhmuza

Facing North is an impressionistic approach to depicting Jane’s (Cissy Nansera) by proxy marriage. Beautiful colors show off Ugandan culture and give it the dignity it deserves. The edits from the ceremony to natural dew also reinforces the sacrifices she’s making as her utopia awaits.

The Foreign Body

Dir. Hector Silva Nunez

This short got a mix of reactions when I talked to it about others. It’s not perfect but I admire its high concept. Its protagonist Jairo (Alberto Gonzales) wants to change his body. There’s smart use of CGI and the indigenous experience here.

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