TIFF 2017: Our Review Of ‘High Fantasy’

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TIFF 2017: Our Review Of ‘High Fantasy’

Four youngsters go on a road trip to a farm in the north of South Africa. One night, after some stellar kush is partook, all four find themselves in the wrong person’s body.

Director Jenna Bass uses the film’s iPhone style to good effect. She sets the mood of the film as a story about these youths all with a cell phone in hand and a strange need to record any and everything that happens to and around themselves. The film thrives in these overly sincere moments. Before the swap we watch as these characters all annoy and have fun together. After the swap we see them squirm.

Lexi throws a fit because she’s really Xoli, and can’t deal with the fact that when she looks down she sees herself being white, or Thami proclaim his love for “sucking dick” to a camera because it’s really Tatiana just teasing. The film has more than its fair share of fun with the premise and is all the better for it. At times it gets bogged down in social arguments that feel irrelevant to the story but true to the characters who are screaming for someone to hear them and that is a testament to how great the writing is in this film.

This is the type of film you look forward to discovering at any festival as it breaths new life into genres as well as character types that we are used to seeing on a weekly basis at the multiplex.

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