TIFF 2017: Our Review of ‘The Final Year’

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TIFF 2017: Our Review of ‘The Final Year’

In the wake of a regime change and a huge political shift, The Final Year is a gripping and fascinating look at policy makers and career political animals trying to do some genuine good in the world while staring down the actual ends of their lives in office at the exact same time.

From documentarian Greg Barker; The Final Year is a deep dive into the final year of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy team.  With unparalled access tracking members of an outgoing administration as they struggle and strive to make sure that the sacrifices they’ve all made to friends and family while serving in office are worth it all the while with a historical presidential election taking place that none of them could have ever predicted the outcome of.

While on one end, The Final Year is a fascinating look at life in public office with career public servants who basically can see the end of their very professional careers staring them down.  These are good people who want to and believe in the ability to affect some change and do some good in the world.  However on the flip side of the coin, already knowing the end results of the 2006 US Election that blindsided the entire planet, it’s stunning to see it all unfold with our subjects unable to do a thing about it.

The Final Year takes us inside history, while it is still ringing in our ears and it makes for a gripping experience.

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