TIFF ’15 Review: ‘Miss Sharon Jones!’

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TIFF ’15 Review: ‘Miss Sharon Jones!’

Miss Sharon Jones!


Miss Sharon Jones brings a little bit of gospel back to the movie houses.

Like the thunder of a primordial force, The Dap-Kings create a thunderous noise of rhythm and blues and when without breaking a sweat they announce “Now ladies and gentleman…the star of our show…the super soul sister with the magnetic je ne sais quoi; Miss Sharon Jones!” audiences get transported on a ride that borders on the spiritual and is one that they will never forget.  But it never comes easy as Miss Sharon Jones takes us on a year long journey of this former correctional officer turned R&B juggernaut and her battle with cancer as she struggles to keep her dreams of the stage as much of a reality that she possibly can.

It’s nothing new in the realm of music bio docs but director Barbara Koppel manages a delicate touch in a piece of cinema that manages to evoke such genuine emotion that it is a testament to both Jones who comes across as a fantastic subject and musical force of nature that you can’t but get sucked up into the vortex of her personality and to Koppel who was smart enough to stay out of Jones’ way as she fights this uphill battle against cancer.

Much like the music she plays, Miss Sharon Jones will make you feel and make you move your feet as you follow this woman who just won’t give up.

Miss Sharon Jones is no longer screening during TIFF.

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