TIFF ’15 Review: Into the Forest

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TIFF ’15 Review: Into the Forest

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The apocalypse takes a turn inward, with an intimate, frightful look at a family closed off from a world slowly, irrevocably changing.

It is not with a bang, but a whimper, as one day the power casually turns off; ho-hum indeed for the capable father Robert and his two daughters Nell (Ellen Page) and Eva (Evan Rachel Wood) living some few dozen miles deep into the woods in their beautiful home. At first they carry on: Nell is eagerly studying for the SATs while having sparked up a relationship with a local boy, while Eva dances feverishly, eager to prove her ballet skills are still peak.

Soon, though, the family starts to confront the possibility that what little gas they have is their savior, and that a once calm public has turned potentially violent.

Thus, uncertainty hangs over every palpable moment in Into the Forest, and the sisters quickly learn of the horrors of living without a safety net. Spending time with them, we are instantly and forever attached, moved by moments both tender and horrifying.

Rarely is it a comfortable watch; moments of joy and sisterly love are savored, but you can’t help but feel something that we should be afraid of lurks around the corner. While Patricia Rozema’s film, based on a book by Jean Hegland, allows for hope and perseverance to triumph, it’s not without sacrifice and hardship. It’s an unforgettably tense journey, for better and worse, powered by most impressive turns from its leading actresses.


Saturday Sept. 12th 8:30PM at the Winter Garden Theatre

Monday Sept 14th 11:15AM at the TIFF Bell Lightbox #2

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