The Second Half of Cinefranco 2018

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The Second Half of Cinefranco 2018

Cinefranco, like many film festivals, has more than a week to showcase francophone movies. It starts its second half by programming a double bill of films about sports in the French speaking world. The first half of that double bill isn’t so good, that being Comme des garçons. It’s about Paul Coutard (Max Boublil). He’s a 1960s sports journalist who organizes a team of female footballers. For the team he chooses women of a certain age for dubious reasons. And these plans actually work, getting at least one of them in his pad. He then gets a redemption arc from cad to feminist. Ugh.

Robin Sykes’ first film as a director La Finale is about JB Soualem (Rayane Bensetti). JB has to travel from Lyon to Paris. There he’ll join his team and play for a high school level basketball championship. Thing is he also has to care for his grandfather Roland Verdi (Thierry Lhermitte). He thinks he only has to drag both of them between two cities. But he ends up zigzagging through France all because of Roland, Paris seeming farther than he expected. Sykes’ treatment of both characters are stereotypes are annoying but he captures their complex mental states.

The festival’s Friday night would have the better movie in the bunch with Samuel Tilman’s Un parte d’ombre. Here, a local murder destroys the lives of a group of friends. That’s especially true since one of them, David Giraud (Fabrizio Rongione) turns from witness to suspect. Since the police has to dig through his life, this leads David’s wife to kick him out of his house. The film expertly shows a crime’s domino effect, which makes his friends do their own sleuthing. The group dynamics can be distracting at times but the film captures the paranoia that ruins people.

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