The Great Digital Film Festival reminds us of the magic of the movies…and at a discount!

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The Great Digital Film Festival reminds us of the magic of the movies…and at a discount!

Even in the mildest of winters,  the doldrums of the season can get to the best of us as it gets harder and harder to leave the house and just have a little fun and recapture that joie de vivre of life.  As we’ve gotten to see in the adorable short Lily and the Snowman that is playing in front of movies at all Cineplex locations across the country, it’s important to see the big picture and make time for what we love, and around here that’s the movies and why we fell in love with them in first place.

Now in its seventh year running from today Feb 5th until Feb. 11th, The Great Digital Film Festival dives into Pop Culture’s past both recent and deep to exhibit some fan favorites and classics across the lines of sci-fi, action, fantasy and cult classics.  At 25 participating theatres across the country fans can revisit classic experiences by seeing Ghostbusters, Mad Max: Road Warrior, Beverly Hills Cop, Labyrinth or John Carpenter’s The Thing just to name a few.  There are also some rarely screened classics like Dirty Harry, Runaway Train & Big Trouble In Little China along with modern favorites like Inception, Mad Max: Fury Road, Star Trek: Into Darkness & Looper to keep fans happy.

Make no mistake, this isn’t the theatre just projecting a Blu-Ray because  all screenings have DCP digital prints for each screening in order to give us the fan the best possible experience.   Tickets are just $6.99 a pop, less if you buy in bulk and you get a massive 200 Scene Points for every ticket purchased on top of it all.

It’s the perfect time of the year for experience that can remind even the most jaded of cinephile that sometimes it isn’t just enough to see what’s available on the streaming service of your choice because it will never quite compare to the experience of seeing a movie on the big screen the way it was meant to be seen.

The Great Digital Film Festival runs until Feb 11th at various locations across the country.  You can check with the Cineplex website for more details or follow along on social media with #GDFF or @Cineplex Events.

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