TAD 2019: Our Review Of ‘Extra Ordinary’

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TAD 2019: Our Review Of ‘Extra Ordinary’

Directors Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman’s horror/comedy Extra Ordinary is absolutely bonkers. Their love for Ghostbusters and The Exorcist is on full display here, with some very obvious (and thoroughly appreciated) nods and references. 

I knew very little about this movie going in. Aside from Will Forte, I wasn’t familiar with anyone else in the cast or crew. I’m glad that I went in cold, as I had no preconceived notions. The film is absurdly silly in the best possible way. There’s a genuinely sweet romance, a couple creepy moments, and the movie has an incredibly unique sense of humour. 

Maeve Higgins – an Irish standup comedian – plays the lead Rose, and she’s wonderful. Higgins imbues her character with an innocence that is both delightful and hilarious. Barry Ward, in a sense, plays a number of characters, and the way he uses his physicality to differentiate between them is really impressive. Will Forte portrays the antagonist, an aging rock star who has an obsession with the occult. He’s delightfully over the top, chanting incantations, singing, and the way he performs the mundane action of removing his gloves couldn’t be funnier. 

Admittedly, the film takes a while to find its footing. The first two acts are indeed funny, but the pacing feels a little plodding. The final act however is sheer joy. The laughs come rapid-fire, and the climax is absolutely insane in every way. Moreover, the ending of the movie is one of the greatest conclusions I’ve seen in a comedy in years. The way it transitions into credits was a stroke of genius. 

Extra Ordinary is certainly bizarre. It’s weird, gross, and its sense of humour is very much its own. The performances are fabulous, it’s ridiculously funny, and I’ve never seen a movie quite like it.

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