TAD 2016: Our Review of ‘The Lure’

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TAD 2016: Our Review of ‘The Lure’

At the very least, The Lure lets you know how ridiculously weird it is right off the bat. There is a hypnotic musical number led by a wild-eyed woman to start, followed immediately by the introduction of two young women who are stripped naked and revealed to be mermaids.

Yes indeed, The Lure, as the title is translated into English, is a sexy and strange musical fantasy from Poland. This dark fairytale follows as these two young coquettes take to dry land, one enticed by romantic possibilities, and the other still driven by hunger for human flesh.

Even the curious way in which the film is shot, alternating voyeuristic scenes with those where our heroines seemingly stare directly at the viewer, is unsettling. And I suppose that’s the point. From Agnieszka Smoczynska, The Lure won’t scare but unnerve, it will repulse and enchant, and most of all make you feel really weird.

Our mermaids are Silver and Golden; one raven-haired and the other blonde; one hopeful, the other cautious. After being tempted out of the sea by these circus group of sorts and enlisted in their cabaret, Silver and Golden take to human ways, enjoying dancing, shopping, partying and playing. However, while Golden still longs to return to the water and make her way to America, Silver becomes infatuated with a young man who threatens the bond between these two sea sirens.

Not surprisingly, tensions rise, blood is spilt, and things continue to get bizarre and tense. With musical interludes, of course.

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