Surprisingly Solid Action: A Review of ‘Tracers’

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Surprisingly Solid Action: A Review of ‘Tracers’

You might want to sit down for this one…

Tracers is a solid action vehicle for its star Taylor Lautner and while it will never be accused of lighting the world on fire, it makes for a well executed piece of action entertainment that never drags, even when you think that it should.

It’s just another day in the life for bike courier Cam (Taylor Lautner) until he crashes his bike into Niki (Marie Avgeropoulos) a crew who uses parkour to get around the city and pull off heists.  With mob enforcers breathing down his neck for money he can never hope to pay back, he talks his way into joining them, not only to solve his money problems but to get closer to that mysterious girl who knocked him off of his bike that day.  While it starts out as fun, he quickly gets in over his head as the danger factor keeps getting pushed higher and higher by the crew enigmatic leader Miller (Adam Rayner).  Desperate for a way out, he has to pull on every ounce of skill and knowledge that he has, not only to stay alive but to get out of town with the girl of his dreams.

Based on that description, I’ll be the first to admit that Tracers sounds a little goofy, but I’d be wrong.  It’s a well made, slick looking fast moving action flick, it doesn’t ask you to do any high level thinking, but it keeps you entertained for 95 minutes, which some days is just enough to get by.

Director Daniel Benmayor has an unequivocal eye for action as he darts in and out of the city streets with a natural high octane ease.  The narrative is always flowing and rarely gets bogged down in any unnecessary exposition,  and it goes with some of the elements which are just a little ridiculous.  It’s not a movie that tries to make any grandiose statements, it is simple about the ride that we as an audience are being taken on, and from that standpoint it works just fine.  We as audiences can over look clunky dialogue and logic jumps as long as it is making an effort to be entertaining and the filmmakers never forget that key point.

Taylor Lautner has the solid young looks to carry a movie from beginning to end and it helps the creditability of it all as Lautner: a self professed adrenaline junkie did most of his own stunts on the film, and given the frenetic style that Benmayor shot it all in we can’t help but get swept along for the ride.  Marie Avgeropoulos who you may know from The 100 plays the tough yet sensitive chick well enough and Adam Rayner from TV’s Tyrant doesn’t get a ton of wiggle room to scowl and be the bad guy, but he makes it work when he needs too.

I’ll fully admit that I was ready and expecting to pan Tracers when I saw it, but I honest to goodness just can’t.  If you’re in the mood for a low impact action flick that you have never seen before, then this just might be up your alley.

As well as playing in select theatres, Tracers is also available via all major VOD platforms.

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