Presently Classic: Our Review of ‘Incredibles 2’ on Blu-Ray

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Presently Classic: Our Review of ‘Incredibles 2’ on Blu-Ray

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Sometimes, sequels are worth waiting for…

Nearly 14 years after the original, Disney/Pixar’s Incredibles 2 recaptures the magic of the original and brings the adventure back while still balancing some real life day to day points that go on in the lives of these characters.

Everyone’s favourite Super family is back in Disney/Pixar’s Incredibles 2!  Helen (Holly Hunter) is called upon to lead a campaign to bring back the Supers, which means that Bob (Craig T Nelson) is thrust into the role of juggling the day to day heroics of every day home life.  However, when a new villain emerges with a brilliant and dangerous plot; the Parr family knows that they have to meet the challenge together; with their friend Frozone (Samuel L Jackson) as always by their side.

It’s not rocket science, but writer/director Brad Bird found the exact moment to bring these characters back with some slight nods to the history of the super hero genre to make a near perfect sequel all these years later.

Writer/Director Brad Bird circles back around the Parr at just the right time as he allows for this movie to not only play on a fun level as an ode to superheroes of yesteryear but in also allowing the themes of family values and the sweeter nature of the dynamic between these characters to come out and shine.  For Bird this isn’t just about the continuation of the first film as the events of the second pick almost immediately from the end of the first one almost 14 years ago but it reflects a societal evolution as well.  There’s a reason that Helen (aka Elasti-Girl) is thrust into action and has Bob (Mr. Incredible) be forced into staying home.  Bird takes these classic archetypal characters and thrusts them into the 21st century while still maintaining the old school comic book style esthetic of the narrative.  It’s a classic ode to the past of the genre while still having a foot firmly in the ever evolving present.

From a visual standpoint, the set pieces are epic and the film takes great care in crafting a thriller adventure that we can lost in, not just from a frenetic action base but a character driven one as well as we see all our heroes have to deal with a certain degree of peril that comes across their path at any given time.  It actually feels like there are stakes in this film and that why it’s so damn emotionally engaging because it’s pure humanistic comedy from beginning to end.

The voice performances are all stellar as expected but especially from Craig T Nelson and Holly Hunter who fully embrace the changing dynamic of the world that they are living in.  Sure it’s about people with super human powers, but every issue that the characters get confronted with are real life and happen inside of family dynamics each and every day.  It’s that, in concert with the genuine family love and camaraderie of wanting to fight crime together as a family which draws us into the emotional core of it all.

Catherine Keener and Bob Odenkirk join the cast with great results and the narrative simply plays out so effortlessly then even the handful of the clunky moments in the film are still just straight adorable and gloriously eye-popping.

The picture and sound quality on the Blu-Ray are top notch as per the norm and the special features include the new mini-movie Auntie Edna, the Disney/Pixar Short Film Bao, 3 Vintage Toy Commercials along with three character theme songs for Mr. Incredible, Elasti-Girl and Frozone.  There’s 10 deleted scenes with an introduction from writer/director Brad Bird, the global teaser and theatrical trailer as well and an epic Japanese Trailer for the film.  There’s 8 character featurettes, 4 behind the scenes featurettes and even a behind the scenes look at the Short Film Bao.

The real magic of Incredibles 2 is that it so effortless takes an action-adventure story and gives it a sense of palpable emotion and genuine emotional value.  We ultimately know that the Parr family is going to be OK no matter what comes there way, but the fact that care so much about chasing all of those challenges together as a family is just straight up adorable.  That’s why this all works…even 14 years after the original.



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