Planet In Focus 2018: Our Review of ‘Youth Unstoppable’

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Planet In Focus 2018: Our Review of ‘Youth Unstoppable’

No, Youth Unstoppable is not as precious as its title, although its first half does get a little repetitive. In this documentary, director Slater Jewell-Kemker and her producer mother follow her commitment to stop climate change. She goes from one conference to another, those conferences making promises they can’t keep, which makes her feel disillusionment. This cycle happens for a decade. However, this process gets her to start talking to older environmental activists and politicians like surprise, John Baird. She eventually stays away from the complacent old guard, filming them from a distance. And she gets to meet like minds her age, if not a little older, their voices loud and clear. The discuss how frustrating the process is and how the older generations have failed. They say all of this while acknowledging the older generations’s good sides. That they want to reach back to the youth and rebuild trust.

There’s also a lot of segments where Jewell-Kemker watches news at her laptop. Although one of those have her chugging alcohol during Trump’s smug acceptance speech, which is all of us, really. And yes, this second half preaches to the choir but the choir needs some sermons to reinvigorate itself. She shows us that climate change isn’t just affecting developing countries like the one where I came from. It has manifested through disasters like Hurricane Sandy and will make cities like Miami go underwater. She narrates the movie, here voice serene and steadfast despite troubling times. She even brings up floods in Alberta, where her parents came from. This is a very personal film for her. The old guard, big business, and climate change deniers are working together to make young people like her feel disillusioned. But it’s just making her and her fellow activists angrier and work harder.

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