Planet In Focus 2017: Our Review of ‘Unfractured’

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Planet In Focus 2017: Our Review of ‘Unfractured’

The energy industry, especially the fracking industry, have imbecilic methods. They’re so frustrating that they deserve to have more movies to expose them. Their lobbyists get their little time to speak their piece in Unfractured. But thankfully the focus is more on one of the people fighting them, Dr. Sandra Steingraber.

Dr. Steingraber is an audacious person, telling the truth despite of the consequences. A scientist in her 50’s, she is different from our image of the activist. She proves that those who embark on that thankless work come in all stripes. She’s also aware of the worldwide scope of fracking.

Director Chanda Chevannes follows Steingraber in her struggle mostly within New York State. Chevannes’ scope is both global and personal. She even travels with Steingraber as the latter comes with her son Elijah to Romania. They’re there to investigate the effects of fracking there and how the locals are fighting back.

This segment feels like a strange interlude. There have been some films that have had brief flirtations with tackling Romanian issues. Right now Romania is under contemporary economic and thus, ecologic imperialism. Steingraber points it out herself but I want to run into a film that fully discusses this.

Despite of this, the Romanian section does expose the universality of ecologic activism. They even have the same chants that North American activists do. Activists from across the pond care for their land the way Steingraber cares for hers. She comes home and continues the fight to keep fracking away from Seneca Lake, New York.

The documentary’s return to New York is when at its best. Here, Sandra concerns herself with the different aspects of blockading a suspected fracking plant in Seneca Lake. Her and her fellow activist’s struggle is captivating an like minded viewers should watch this film.

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