Our Review of ‘Shorts That Are Not Pants’ Programme 6

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Our Review of ‘Shorts That Are Not Pants’ Programme 6

And now the end is near. So it’s appropriate that some of the shorts in the last Shorts That Are Not Pants program deals with endings. Some of these mixed bag of shorts have protracted endings. The standoffs we see see here are seismic, whether they happen at someone’s home or, in the cast of two of the shorts I’ll be writing about, happen in outer space. These shorts then reference both past and future.

Milena Dutkowska’s Bogdan I Roza shows the routine of an old couple that decided to give each other the silent treatment? How long has this been going on is quite unclear. This is fifteen minutes of passive aggressive behavior, Polish style. It culminates with Bogdan (Jerzy Rogalski) watching a football game while Roza (Maria Cuinelis) is sleeping. The symmetry in this short adds to its sadness but I also kinda live to be this petty.

Samuel W. Bradley’s The Space Between Stars is an animated film about some jellyfish looking aliens who inadvertently must face a robot chasing them down their space station. Although the plot deserves more fleshing out, the lines and colors here are simple yet sleek. It’s also thrilling to watch these chase scenes that audiences can both see up close and far away, giving the fictional world in this short a lot of much needed dimension.

Lastly, Maxime-Claude L’Ecuyer’s Squad Leader TD-73028 combines two of Western pop culture’s most iconic properties – Star Wars and Shakespeare. Some of its references are on the nose, with the squad leader holding the helmet of one of his fallen comrades like Hamlet holding a skull. Come to think of it, this makes me want to know how that image really came to be. And the actor here gives justice to the Bard’s greatest monologue.

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