You Only Live Once: Our Review Of ‘Santa Clarita Diet S1 E4’

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You Only Live Once: Our Review Of ‘Santa Clarita Diet S1 E4’

Being a zombie isn’t all bad.  Sure you have to kill and eat fellow humans with the threat of being charged with murder constantly hanging over your head – But think of the benefits!  In episode four of Santa Clarita Diet, Sheila’s friends and neighbours are beginning to see changes in her and they are positive ones.  Her newfound lust for life, boundless energy and YOLO attitude have them wondering “What is her secret?”

It’s not all good news, however, as her tendency to do what she wants without considering the consequences is not only causing problems at home and around the neighbourhood but also has Joel worried about what she will do next.  Speaking of Joel, in this episode he and daughter Abby are able to blow off some steam and do some bonding in the process.  He also continues his search to find out what is happening to Sheila and how or if it can be reversed which leads him to an intriguing clue.

With episode four the show really hits its stride.  Barrymore and Olyphant continue to do good work but it’s the supporting cast that really gets a chance to shine as the community, inspired by Sheila, begin to make changes in their own lives with uneven results.  There is also a new addition to the cast as the always entertaining Thomas Lennon makes his debut as Principle Novak, a figure who is causing a lot of trouble for the Hammond family but who also might be of some assistance in their search for the truth.

And as that search begins to heat up the show promises more excitement and intrigue to come; no more so than in the final moments of the episode when a neighbourhood discovery threatens to ruin Joel and Sheila’s lives forever.

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