Killer Bees and Unsettling Memories – A Recap of Flash S01E18

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Killer Bees and Unsettling Memories – A Recap of Flash S01E18

The Flash returns in “All-Star Team Up” after skipping a week, with a new DC villain making an appearance in Central City. Although the title implies an all-star team up, it is far from that, considering that would contain a round up of all-stars. Instead, what is delivered – is the forced pairing of Felicity and Ray with the Flash gang in the events of a killer bee attack on citizens of Central City. In essence, the events of this week’s episode could have survived from not having Felicity or Ray – and still be a light comparison of excitement to previous episodes.

Now that Eddie is in on the secret identity of the Flash, Joe and Barry enjoy a spree of criminal round up as the three cruise through Central City catching misdemeanors and criminals. Eddie, still coping with Barry’s secret, struggles to keep his relationship with Iris under control because she is increasingly suspicious of him keeping secrets from her.

After several odd bee-related murders, Barry and the gang at S.T.A.R Labs (Cisco, Caitlin, Wells) are on the hunt for a lethal toxin bee-controlling metahuman, while Cisco reveals his childhood fear of bees. Making a second surprise visit in Central City, Felicity Smoak (Felicity, Arrow) arrives in time to finish a conversation of bee related banter, along with Ray Palmer for assistance with modifications to Palmer’s A.T.O.M suit.

During the episode, Barry tries to hide his growing distrust for Wells, the man he once idolized – especially when faced with the decision of whether or not to include Cisco and Caitlin in his side investigation with Joe. For Palmer, who is also a scientific fan boy of Wells but unaware of the brewing disaster, meeting Wells in person was a dream come true as both exchange words of respect for each others’ work.

While Cisco and Ray work on the A.T.O.M suit, Cisco is disturbed by a series of memories from the previous timeline of the series – when he was murdered after having confronted Wells for being the Reverse Flash. The two are called to assist, when another victim is claimed by the killer bees. Flash rushes to the scene and faces off a lethal swarm of bees that send him into cardiac arrest. Using a built in defibrillator, Cisco jump starts Barry’s vitals. Confused by a disruption in his memory-time-lapse, Cisco goes to see Joe about revisiting their previous suspicions of Wells.

Meanwhile at a dinner arranged by Palmer, Iris and Eddie get into a heated and awkward conversation about trust and communication. Barry excuses himself from the table for some fresh air, but is followed by Felicity. When alone with Felicity, Barry finally reveals to her that him and Joe have been investigating the possibility of Harrison Wells being the Reverse Flash, the man who killed Barry’s mother. The dinner is conveniently interrupted by another attack of bees at S.T.A.R Labs. When the team manages to catch one of the bees, they discover that it is in fact a miniature next-gen product of a local robotics and engineering lab.

Felicity gives Barry some sound advice based on her experiences with Oliver about sharing his burden with Cisco and Caitlin. When Barry goes home, he finds Iris on his couch after she left Eddie at the restaurant. Barry gives her some peace of mind, that helps her deal with Eddie’s reasons for secrecy, which surprises her, considering Barry’s previous confessions about his feelings for her.

After digging deeper, the crew track the villain – now revealed as Bree Larvin – To Mercury Labs (a technological competitor of Wells’ S.T.A.R Labs). Larvin is out for revenge after being terminated from Mercury Labs for trying to weaponize her invention. With Ray’s help, Flash and the A.T.O.M team up to catch Larvin. Although it is quite obviously referenced several times in the episode, Bree Larvin is not the Queen Bee that most fans are familiar with from the comics. Considering the challenge of realism versus fantasy that the series faces, it was a cheeky but enjoyable attempt to feature the character on television.

After preventing an attack on Mercury Labs, Ray returns to Cisco and Caitlin unaware of a hidden robotic bee in his suit. The bee sets its targets on Ray as his back is turned, and Cisco jumps in the way – literally taking a “bee” for Ray. While unconscious, Cisco remembers more from the previous timeline about his encounter with Wells that cost him his life.

Iris gives Eddie an ultimatum about not keeping secrets from her. The episode ends with Barry and Joe finally including Caitlin and Cisco in their secret investigation. Caitlin immediately doubts the possibility of Wells being the Reverse Flash, when she looks to Cisco for backup – but is surprised when he tells the group about his unexplained memories of being murdered by Wells.

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