Just ******* Fun: Our Review of ‘Deadpool’

Posted in Movies, Theatrical by - February 12, 2016

There’s something quite cathartic about being able to rip loose with an expletive whenever we please, or to put it more simply…Fuck yeah!

While it isn’t coming anywhere close to reinventing the wheel, Deadpool is a crazy fun revenge thriller that manages to take this piss out of the mythology and seriousness that we get in some comic book movies and boils it down to some violent and gonzo action fun.

It’s the story of Marvel comics’ favorite anti-hero as we track the story of former Special Forces operative turned wise cracking foul mouthed mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) who after a diagnosis of terminal cancer undergoes a radical experiment which he thinks will cure him and turn him into a superhero.  However those involved don’t have the best of intentions and want to turn him into the ultimate soulless weapon at their control, who to top it all off rob him of his dashing good looks.  After he makes a daring escape, he dons the red leather and with his accelerated super healing powers he runs amok on anyone and everyone responsible with his uniquely dark and twisted sense of humor to find the man who nearly destroyed his life and turned him into the super freak that he truly is.


Rather than muck a back story with over complicated mythologies and stories, Deadpool actually manages what most comic book movies don’t and it keeps it all straight forward and simple.  Man gets wronged, and subsequently goes looking for revenge by any means necessary.

Director Tim Miller coming from a visual effects background makes a solid feature debut if only by virtual of not messing anything up in a story that basically tells itself.  The action sequences were solid and the narrative moved at a very healthy clip from beginning to end.  There were no huge leaps, and nothing really complicated happened, the hardest part of his job was basically keeping Ryan Reynolds in focus throughout, because this movie truly couldn’t have happened without Reynolds in the red leather suit.

There aren’t that many actors who can handle action AND comedy but Ryan Reynolds is genuinely one of those rare breeds who can do them both.  The action is consistently credible and fun without being too over the top, while the humor and comedy is going on at such a foul mouthed blazing speed that it is hard to keep up.  Not only is he a funny character, but the nature of the story with him as an anti-hero actually allows him to make fun of the comic book movie genre, including a handful of appearances that Reynolds himself has made before his turn as Deadpool.

Much like the character, this movie simply doesn’t give a fuck as it breaks the 4th wall and cracks so many jokes at its own expense, that it is nearly impossible to keep up and thankfully, everyone involved is in on the joke and has fun with it all.  Morena Baccarin is a formidable female lead opposite Reynolds as she can look empathetic one second and crack jokes the next.  TJ Miller is fun as Deadpool’s best friend and Ed Skrein along with Gina Carano embrace the necessary scene chewing that goes along with their bad guy roles.

Like it says in the trailer, “This is a DIFFERENT kind of comic book movie”, and that’s OK because the genre has been around long enough for it to have an anti-hero in the likes of Deadpool to make sure we don’t take it all too fucking seriously.  Just strap in, prepare yourself for some fun grade-school grade filth and enjoy the simplicity of the ride that it is taking us on.


  • Release Date: 2/12/2016
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