It’s Like They Never Left: A Review of ‘Entourage’

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It’s Like They Never Left: A Review of ‘Entourage’

The summer season is unquestionably in full swing when the box office is becoming more and more crowded with big budget sequels and big screen adaptations that are guaranteed to bring the audiences in.  Entourage picks up almost literally where the show neatly left off, gives them an adventure and problems to overcome they neatly puts the bow back on the package that fans of the show will find wholly entertaining, but never really needed in the first place.

As mega movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) marriage only lasted 9 days he decides that he needs his friends (Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara & Kevin Dillon) around him once again and newly minted studio head and ex-agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) has the perfect gig for him, but there’s one catch; Vince wants to direct.  Cut to 8 months later, the movie is almost done…but it’s $15 million over budget and it needs another $8 million to get done.  Everyone is sweating, do Vince and Ari have a dud on their hands?  Will eccentric billionaire Larsen McCredle (Billy Bob Thornton) and his n’er do well son Travis (Haley Joel Osmont) release the money they need to finish it?  And will the tinsletown dream that they hall all been living result in the kind of security and happiness that they have been hoping for or will they have to go back to Queens?


When in doubt, you have to give the people what they want.  While Entourage certainly won’t light the world on fire, it does what it needs to do and gives the fans of the show another dose of the characters that they love.

It basically plays like a truncated version of a lost season that creator and writer Doug Ellin had and wanted to make.  Revisiting the almost exact same beats that the episodes followed was a smart and safe choice.  Unlike the Vinny Chase character, no one was really taking any risks on this one and it’s no surprise, because if the formula isn’t broken why in god’s name would you ever try to fix it?  The movie doesn’t do a lot to bring in any new eyes to the franchise, but the devotees will lap it up with a spoon at every turn and ask for more.  It has some funny moments, some sadly a little to misogynistic to land on anything other than pay cable, but since this is basically the equivalent of paying $13 for a 105 minute subscription to HBO, it’s OK just to go with it because there honestly isn’t anyone going to this movie who doesn’t know exactly what they are going to get.

The entire team is back this time around and they ease into the characters with a scary amount of ease.  Grenier is affable and handsome, Connolly continues his arc from the end of the last season, Ferrara tries to win the heart of Ronda Rousey in one of a plethora of celebrity cameo’s which were fun but mostly useless and Kevin Dillon is the butt of everyone’s jokes until he isn’t.  The formula works and everyone plays along, even the mercurial Billy Bob Thornton as the Texas billionaire and Haley Joel Osmont was going as full on Nic Cage as he could as the crazy son.

It ain’t rocket science, take a hit show, copy and repeat.  Entourage works well enough and the only real question is if the four years between the end of the show and the movie will prove to be too long to result in box office gold.  For at least one weekend, I’d say probably not.  Just let the fans eat it up and then wait for it to hit Blu-Ray or even HBO.


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