For The Love Of Cinema: Our Review of ‘Last Film Show’

Posted in Movies by - April 07, 2023
For The Love Of Cinema: Our Review of ‘Last Film Show’

There have been a lot of films about movie-making, and the love some people have towards the art form, The Fabelmans being one of the latest. There’s something about seeing how someone else becomes enamored and inspired by something that is, well inspiring. Last Film Show is another such film, and while it is heart warming and semi-autobiographical, it’s not overly original.

Samay (Bhavin Rabari) is like any other nine-year-old boy, inquisitive, playful, and looking for his place in the world. He lives with his family in a remote village in India, and has dreams of living a bigger life than he currently is. One thing for certain, he doesn’t want to sell tea for a living like his dad does. One day, Samay’s father takes the family to a cinema to watch a film. Here, he finds his calling and is instantly hooked. He starts sneaking away every day to watch films. He eventually becoming friends with the projectionist Fazal (Bhavesh Shrimali) who lets him watch for free as long as he gives up his lunch to him. Soon, Samay starts visualizing ways of replicating the things he sees on the screen. He develops his own stories, changing his life forever.

If the above plot sounds familiar, it’s because it’s very similar to a 1980s’ film called Cinema Paradiso. While many of the plot points are very different, the basic story is the same.  After all both tell the story of a boy looking to leave his current life behind for one more interesting thanks to his love of film and friendship with a projectionist. Still, that doesn’t necessarily detract from the enjoyment of the film. Rabari’s enthusiasm is very inspiring. The strong emotions he feels whenever he watches a movie, no matter the genre, is amazing to watch. Shrimali on the other hand takes the character that the writing him and runs with it. He makes his character even more grounded and real than the script probably called for. Of course it’s the heartwarming friendship between Samay and Fazal that is the key to the enjoyment of the film.

Simply put, Last Film Show wouldn’t work without the strong chemistry between Rabari and Shrimali. The two do an amazing job of showcasing the touching bond between their characters. Both show how they find escape in the movies. Another key to the enjoyment of Last Film Show is that the movie is very timely. It’s coming out at a time when more people are staying home to watch films instead of going out to a theatre. It’s a love letter to the moving going experience, which many people are missing out on these days.

In the end, Last Film Show is a coming-of-age drama full of hope, enthusiasm and heartbreak, one that entertains and should be watched on the big screen simply because of the subject matter. It might not be unique or original, but it’s an important film to see nonetheless.

  • Release Date: 4/7/2023
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