Flat Gibberish: A Review of ‘Minions’

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Flat Gibberish: A Review of ‘Minions’

It is a dangerous beast, when you keep producing movie after movie in a successful franchise, eventually it bits you on the bum.  Minions is a cute little extension of the Despicable Me franchise but it is a flimsy prequel that leaves some gaps in the overall story and requires you to be able tolerate 90 minutes of gibberish from three yellow dudes..

Before Gru and starting off a single celled organisms, the Minions have only ever had one purpose, to serve the most despicable master that they can find.  However, with little success over the years they find themselves in a deep depression and unable to find a reason to carry on.  That is, except for Kevin who has a plan and long with his friends Stuart, a rock and roll rebel and the adorable Bob they head out into the world to look for a new master to follow.  In the 1960’s they ultimately discover Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock) and it feels like a match made in heaven, that is until she goes too far and wants to destroy everything in her path including the rest of their Minion brethren who are on their way to join them, so it is now from Antarctica, to New York to Mod London it is now up to Kevin, Bob and Stuart to save the day for all Minion kind.


Sure, it’s cute and I’ll admit that I laughed but Minions has finally crossed that barrier between adorable and kind of annoying as the premise over stays it’s welcome and proves that supporting characters shouldn’t always be the lead in their own movie.

Directors Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin put together a whirlwind action filled romp that takes from beginning to end and never allow us to get bored but whereas the original two movies had some intelligence and wit to them this is just a 90 min goofy ride.  It will play well for the very young, but for the adults bringing the youngsters to the theatre and paying for the tickets, it will get pretty boring, pretty quickly.  The dialogue from the Minions, is mostly gibberish and gets annoying very fast as they command about half of the dialogue in the entire movie.  I can poke holes in the narrative and it really doesn’t even matter this is just too darn goofy to be genuinely memorable.

Sandra Bullock is more than capable as Scarlet Overkill chewing the scenery and going over the top with this story, however it all feels hollow.  Aping other movies from the 60’s spy genre to a variety of other kids films it just plays as lazy even though it never stops.

More spoof then actual kids story, Minions is just a franchise that went to the well a little more than it should.  Fun but forgettable.


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