Everyone Floats At Fan Expo Canada As We Check Out A Sneak Peak Q&A Panel With The Cast Of ‘It’!!!!

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Everyone Floats At Fan Expo Canada As We Check Out A Sneak Peak Q&A Panel With The Cast Of ‘It’!!!!

While the major film studios are usually present at Fan Expo Canada, their offerings generally pale in comparison to those at larger U.S. conventions in San Diego and New York. However, this year Warner Bros. stepped things up in connection to the promotion of the much-anticipated horror remake of Stephen King’s It.

On Friday, they hosted a Q&A with the young stars of the film: Chosen Jacobs, Jaeden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis, Wyatt Oleff, Jeremy Ray Taylor and Finn Wolfhard. Dubbed “The Losers Club” in the movie, they play a group of friends who come together to stand against the evil that’s tormented their town for hundreds of years by taking the shape of a clown and luring kids to its lair every 27 years. (Unfortunately, the seventh club member, Jack Dylan Grazer, wasn’t in attendance)

Cast panels are often the most fun as the actors answer audience questions together, leading each other on to unrelated tangents and even funnier stories. However, when the six people sitting behind the mics are barely teenagers, the session takes on a different feel. They were incredibly enthusiastic, spoke quickly, laughed wholeheartedly and were incredibly honest.

When asked who they’d select to play the older versions of their characters in the second part of It, they were quick to answer, choosing the likes of Chadwick Boseman (Jacobs), Jessica Chastain (Lillis), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Oleff), Bill Hader (Wolfhard), Ewan McGregor (Lieberher) and Chris Pratt (Taylor). They all demonstrated great respect for the first film, but made it clear they’ve based their performances on King’s book rather than those of their predecessors. They also asserted Bill Skarsgård is not recreating Tim Curry’s devastating Pennywise, but manifesting his own villain that can apparently manipulate his body in creepy ways.

As fans left without seats wondered why the panel would be booked in such a small room at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the question was answered inside when halfway through the hour the moderator revealed the Q&A was doubling as a meet-and-greet and everyone present would receive a movie poster signed by The Losers Club as well as double passes to see the film after its release.

In addition to this special treat, all Fan Expo attendees could visit the It school bus, which housed the frightening FLOAT: A Cinematic VR Experience.

It hits theatres everywhere this Friday September 8th.

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