Embrace the Desire to ‘Flashback’ at Cineplex Locations All Week!

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Embrace the Desire to ‘Flashback’ at Cineplex Locations All Week!

There’s something comforting about embracing that which is familiar, and what deserves to be appreciated the way it was meant to be.

If you can’t find anything at the multiplex that tickles your fancy, the cure that ails you just might be the Flashback Film Festival (Formerly The Great Digital Film Festival) kicking off at select Cineplex locations today until Feb. 9th bringing audiences back to some of the biggest and boldest movies that the past 30+ years that that big screen as had to offer.

In combination with the team at Cineplex events, Canada’s preeminent film critic Richard Crouse has curated a lineup of 17 of the most memorable and iconic entries in cinematic history that have kept audiences coming back to the movies for years.  “The best and most powerful way to see a movie is to fully immerse yourself in the theatre experience, surrounded by people who are enjoying it just as much as you are” according to Richard and we couldn’t agree with him more as this event and the year round efforts of Cineplex events allow audiences to be able to relive the power of these movies as they were intended.

With a number of big anniversary screenings like The Running Man (30th Anniversary), Blade Runner-The Final Cut (35th Anniversary), Air Force One (20th Anniversary) & Starship Troopers (20th Anniversary) along with favorites like Trainspotting, Groundhog Day, Blood Simple & Heat this is going to be one of those weeks where it is hard to stay away from the biggest screens near you.  And to top it all off, tickets are just $7.99 a film, $6.99 if you buy five or more tickets and for the first time ever you can get a pass that gets you access to all 17 films for $69.99 which makes it out to be a mere $4.11 per show!

It’s a perfect counterprogramming movie to the Super Bowl this weekend as cinema lovers everywhere should be lining up to remember how iconic some of these special films are when watched on the big screen and not on our tablets and phones.  Events like this keep the much necessary art of retrospective cinema alive and I’ll see you in line of the course of this whole week.

You can learn more details about it all at there website right here.

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