#Daddy: Our Review of ‘Father Figures’ On Blu-Ray

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#Daddy: Our Review of ‘Father Figures’ On Blu-Ray

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“Why don’t you take me out to dinner first?” “I haven’t heard that one before”. That is an exchange between Peter Reynolds (Ed Helms) and a patient of his. This is first conversation that Father Figures shows us, in fact. It’s never a good sign that the first thing a movie does is point to its recycled punchlines.

Columbus’s own Peter Reynolds is a proctologist, the jokes rewrite themselves. The rest of the humour doesn’t go big enough, which is a weird way to criticize a comedy. Because I would have probably have criticized comedies that go too big. This film might have presented itself as an alternative to those big comedies. But it falls short of what it promises.

Peter and his model brother Kyle (Owen Wilson) reluctantly attend their mother Helen Baxter’s (Glenn Close) second wedding. Here he figures out that the person they thought was their father wasn’t, and confronts Helen about this. She then tells her overgrown sons that former American football quarterback Terry Bradshaw (himself) is their father.

Peter and Kyle fly from Columbus to Miami to tell Terry the shocking news. But Terry figures out that the timeline isn’t quite right. He remembers that one of his rivals for Helen’s heart, Ronald Hunt (J.K. Simmons) might be their father. What ensues is a buddy road movie between Peter and Kyle.

Peter and Kyle then find out that Ronald is not their father because they different blood types. It becomes a cycle. They meet a potential dad, they rule him out for one reason or another. The ruled out potential dad refers them to one of Helen’s multiple lovers. These adults bear the consequences of the ‘me generation’s’ carelessness.

Which isn’t to say that the film slut shames Helen, in fact Helen and the film own her sexual past. The film’s writer Justin Malen previously worked on the short lived TV show Trophy Wife. That showed a reformed party girl as its lead. The through line exists in Father Figures in that Helen and the other women in the film are sexual beings.

Picture quality on the Blu-Ray was fine and the special features were pretty generic with some deleted scenes and a gag reel.

These women, unfortunately, have to take a back seat for Helms and Wilson. Although they actually act the hell out their scenes here. Even one that involves a train crash that might have killed Kyle. It’s too bad that the film wastes these men and the rest of its otherwise excellent ensemble cast.

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