Creepy Perfection: A Review of ‘It Follows’ on BD

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Creepy Perfection: A Review of ‘It Follows’ on BD

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Horror movies can be a weird thing, while obviously fiction and just on the big screen some of them have a tendency to get under your skin and really creep you out.  It Follows is a brilliantly simple premise that can’t help incredibly creepy to the point that you need a shower afterwards.  It does an incredible amount on very, very little.

It’s the fall and while 19 year old Jay (Maika Monroe) should be more worried about school, boys and her plans for the weekend, she’s got bigger concerns.  After her first sexual encounter, a seemingly innocent affair, she finds herself haunted by nightmarish visions and an inescapable sense that someone, or something is following her and it won’t stop.  Plagued by this threat that keeps getting closer and closer, Jay and her friends must find away to escape this malevolent force that is only a few steps behind them.

With his second movie, writer/director David Robert Mitchell turns the horror genre on its ear as It Follows is a fresh, innovate spin on the standard horror tropes that are so ingenious it is kind of amazing that no one has ever done it before.

An unequivocal triumph of atmosphere and mood that refuses to play by other peoples rules, Mitchell builds it all at a slow burn of a pace as the story unfolds and the origins of the monster get unearthed.  Very obviously influenced by early John Carpenter, we get spoiled with some long, lazy and lingering shots that just look exceptional while never skimping on the tension that builds thanks to one of the better musical scores for a movie in recent memory.  Composers DISASTERPEACE match Mitchell’s vision of the movie with shocking precision.  And while it all moves at a very slow pace, we can never look away from it all as rarely has a horror movie been such a stunning piece of cinema that enthralls us at every turn.

Maika Monroe as our wide-eyed heroine does a fine job and manages to put a fresh of enough spin it all to feel like her and Mitchell were on the same page in making sure that this isn’t your average horror movie.  She draws us in during her vulnerable moments and makes us scared during moments that are moving a lot slower than what is the average.  The balance of the supporting players around her fine, but Monroe selling how totally unbelievable what is happening to her is easily one of the cruxes of the entire film and it works to perfection.

itfollows3-xlargeWithout a doubt, It Follows is one of the more stylistic and well designed horror movies that you will ever see.  It takes an often tired genre and gives it some genuine style and panache on what was probably a shoestring budget.

Picture and sound quality on the Blu-Ray are first rate and the special features in this combo pack release include a feature length critic’s commentary by Scott Weinberg, a conversation with the film composer DISASTERPEACE and an alternative art gallery as well as a download code for the film’s soundtrack.

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