Canadian Contrivance: Our Review of ‘Never Saw It Coming’

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Canadian Contrivance: Our Review of ‘Never Saw It Coming’

The woman at the centre of Never Saw It Coming isn’t the easiest to root for, but prevails by accident, mainly because those around her are either mean or cruel, and especially because she is so hapless and naive.

She is Keisha, a young woman struggling to work as a medium who is forced to hustle families to make extra money while taking care of her son and dealing with an abusive loser of a boyfriend. Keisha (Emily Hampshire) hits more bad luck, getting involved with case that takes a dark turn. Offering her services and teasing her apparently genuine skills, she is forced to defend herself against an angry father (Eric Roberts) who has committed a crime and believes this seer to have been an actual witness. He ends up dead, she ends up with bruises. And for reasons passing understanding, she opts to cover it up, which allows this silly Canadian indie thriller to have a second half of story.

Truly, the only reason to not go to the police seems to be to carry on the story. it means she has to nervously talk to a police officer, ask for help from her deadbeat and equally hapless boyfriend, and move the meek plot slowly towards some semblance of drama and increasing ludicrousness.

Never Saw It Coming  really does try, which makes it more entertaining but not necessarily for the intended reasons. It’s a soap opera that takes itself seriously and inadvertently highlights all the stereotypes of Canadian indie cinema (simplicity, predictability, harmlessness), emphasizing any melodrama possible around a single mom who is also trying. Of course things continue to unravel, and the more Keisha tries, the more out of control her entire situation becomes. But every would-be tense situation is entirely manufactured – there isn’t a moment here that lacks contrivance.

I suppose it’s all well and good, super silly but inoffensive. To say there is a twist would be to suggest that there is a foundation from which to be surprised.

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