Built For The Small Screen: A Review of ‘Home’ on Blu

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Built For The Small Screen: A Review of ‘Home’ on Blu

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Even on the best of days, the cinematic fare for the kiddie set can be a tough one to navigate, especially when things skew very, and I mean very young.  Home is a cute little romp with a good message for kids, and while theatrically, the parents would have been taking one for the team on this one as it skews a little too cutest at times, now available on DVD & Blu-Ray it is more then good enough to plunk the kids in front of while you read a book .

It’s just another day on planet earth, until the Boov, an over confident alien race are looking for a new place to call home and they think that the earth looks just right, and humans are promptly and neatly relocated.  However, when the resourceful Tip (voiced by Rihanna) manages to evade capture, she finds herself as the unwitting accomplice to a Boov named Oh (Jim Parsons) who accidentally invited the Boov’s sworn enemy to a party on earth.  Hitting the road and on the run from the law, they quickly learn how much they have in common and how there is much more at stake than just the fates of both their species.

An ultimately wholesome and cute affair, Home is OK for all ages as it is a solid story of friendship but it drags a bit in the middle where the comedy turns from actually kind of sharp to a little goofy and some of the performances over stay their welcomes.


Director Tim Johnson crafts a solid little narrative but there is nothing fresh about it and it feels like everyone involved is on out pilot.  It plays out fine and in many ways feels like a bicycle with its first set of training wheels on it as it is going out of its way to make sure that there are no unexpected surprises.  Based on the book “The True Meaning of Smekday”, the adaptation to the screen by Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember doesn’t get snagged anywhere, you just have to buy into the overly soft edges of it all and accept some of the performances as they are and it feels like a low brow comedy but if you are 6 and under.

If you don’t like Jim Parsons or his character in the “Big Bang Theory” then you just might want to turn around right now, as he is essentially doing the same thing but turning up as far as he can.  Steve Martin was almost unrecognizable as Captain Smek the leader of the Boov while Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez we’re seemingly there so they could have cast members perform in the musical interludes.  No one really brought anything fresh to the table and granted if you are going to skew young, there’s nothing wrong with that, it just makes it a bit of a drag for the adults.home

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with Home is cute and colourful and the little ones will lap it up, but adults and kids over 8 might get a little bored by it all.

Picture and sound quality are very solid on the BD and the special features include deleted scenes, behind the scenes looks, a how to on how to draw your favorite characters, short Boovies, music videos and much more.

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