Brazil Film Fest 2018: Our Review Of ‘Movie of My Life’

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Brazil Film Fest 2018: Our Review Of ‘Movie of My Life’

Selton Mello does double duty in the drama Movie of My Life as a director and an actor. As someone with star presence, he instead plays a supporting role as Paco, a guardian for the lead character. That lead character is Tony Terranova (Johnny Massaro), a man child who still longs for his father Nicolas (Vincent Cassel). Nicolas is an influential part of Tony’s life until the latter went to study teaching in the city. Tony then returns to find that his father disappeared, everyone in his small town telling him that Nicolas returned to France which seems out of character for him. And through this story Mello and this year’s Brazil Film Fest presents the sentimental side of Brazilian cinema. Its the kind of tone audiences get with coming of age stories. His pacing is so slow though that it feels like it’s procrastinating in front of us.

But it has some saving graces. It’s not just a story about these three broken men. Mello adapted this from the novel My Distant Father by Antonio Skarmeta, who also wrote Il Postino. And here we have an ensemble piece in which the film heavily involves two of Tony’s love interests, the Medeira sisters. There’s a scene where one sister, the wholesome and quirky Luna (Bruna Linzmeyer) tells her older, more beautiful sister Petra (Bia Arantes) about missing her when she was away. And in a way, Luna’s words solidified the themes for me, exposing a small town of exiles and prodigal daughters, where even temporary separation is unbearable. Tony’s separation from Nicolas feels more than that, and we can see that through the former’s perpetually teary eyes. This is, as films about separation can sometimes be, a family secret story. And the eventual revelation feels predictably yet pleasantly cathartic.

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