Bloody Satisfying: Our Review of ‘Green Room’ on Blu-Ray

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Bloody Satisfying: Our Review of ‘Green Room’ on Blu-Ray

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For the most excitable of genre fans, for those that love grit and tension, and anyone who is curious to see Patrick Stewart play a villain as a merciless skinhead, Green Room was as satisfying as it comes.

From Jeremy Saulnier, who’s Blue Ruin offered a bloody, intimate, and complicated look at how revenge actually works in real life, Green Room is a similar sort of suspense thriller, pitting a group of young rockers against some dangerous and ruthless killers in close space.

A dying breed – a punk rock band living in the analog world – the group finds themselves off the grid and in parts unknown in order to play a gig. Their audience is a bunch of white male supremacists who don’t seem to be up to the most wholesome activities. In the green room is a dead body, and pretty soon the group is wrapped up into intense situations, panic, and paranoia.


The heroes, which includes the late Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, and Alia Shawkat, begins a standoff with the mercenaries and followers of Stewart, escalating into bloodshed, broken bones, and death. It’s a wonderfully tense, at times shocking, and viscerally arresting piece of lo-fi cinema. worth revisiting.

Blu-Ray Features:

Behind the Scenes: Ten minutes of interviews and footage offer a look at the grassroots and sometimes guerilla filmmaking that took place. It seems that Saulnier hasn’t slept the entirety of the production, which involves dealing with rainstorms shooting in the Northwest. The cast, Stewart especially, all seem pretty gung-ho to participate in what they see as a cool story with rare characters. Perhaps most interesting though is the interviews with the villains, in talking to men who are forced to play vile, hateful, figures, and who attest they aren’t actually like that in real life.

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