BITS 2018: Our Review Of ‘Supergrid’

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BITS 2018: Our Review Of ‘Supergrid’

BITS pairs Lowell Dean’s Supergrid up with Ryan LaPlante’s The Devil’s Due. There, the Devil (Troy Blundell), is wearing a Moore’s rental and hanging out in his garage. He addresses the audience who is presumably a consumer of blood products. He does that instead of speaking to those who have put forth a system that forces us to consume badly.

Supergrid, on the other hand, is better, fleshing out its version of a new post-apocalyptic normal. Here, two brothers, Deke (Marshall Williams) and Jesse Campbell (Leo Farfard) reluctantly pick up a mysterious package across the Canada-US border. There’s some great production value in this film, using real life dilapidated sets to show us that the apocalypse is coming sooner than expected.

Many post-apocalyptic films have speakerphones telling its citizens what to do and this one has one of those. Propaganda insists that its citizen should stay in the cities. The country, where the Campbell brothers have to travel, is green, but the people who live there are more susceptible to an epidemic. Seeing these natural contradictions are inherently interesting.

Supergrid does have its share of distracting elements. Ensuring the Campbell brothers’ safety is an ‘over watch’ which sounds a lot like a video game. What’s more is the drama between the two groups, since one over watch, North (Natalie Krill), is Jesse’s ex. The worst thing about this future is that communities seem more incestuous and have unnecessary baggage.

Thankfully, the story allows women like North to exist outside of being love interests for the male leads. Everyone has to make sacrifices and the stakes are high. There’s even a villain, Lazlo (Jonathan Cherry) chasing these unruly characters down. All in all, this is a wild ride that makes its simple premise all the more believable for its audiences.

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